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Our 2023 Summer Camp is Beginning Soon! Sign Up Here!

Equal Access Robotics is a non-profit dedicated to bringing the enlightening experience of building, coding, and learning robotics to students of all backgrounds.


Summer of STEM

A Summer of LEarning, Innovation, and fun

Say hello to our second annual FREE Summer Camp in July 2023. The 2023 Equal Access Robotics Summer Camp is a week of intuitive learning, on-hands tinkering, and fostering of creative minds! Sign up now!

We are hosting our first ever series of Summer Workshops! Sign up today and get ready for real hands-on activities, experienced instructors, valuable speaker events, and more!

Check Out Photos from our 2022 Summer Camp!

Virtual Classes

And if you're not in the area, don't worry! We're also hosting our 7th cycle of Virtual Coding and CAD classes! We've been teaching these classes for 3 years now, and our instructors are extremely experienced. Sign up today:

About us

An organization dedicated to studeNTS

Equal Access Robotics was founded in August 2020 and is a robotics-focused nonprofit offering robotics and STEM-related subjects classes and experiences to diverse students. Our goals include:



classes for students of all backgrounds



taught by experienced and qualified teachers



explore on your own, create something new


Our free classes are helping to bring quality STEM education taught by experienced and qualified instructors to students and communities of all backgrounds. We hope to inspire the next generation of thinkers and bring the excitement and empowerment of learning to all.

We have also worked with international organizations including ACFA (A Child For All), and were able to teach classes to underprivileged rural students in Mali through a partner program with them, so go check it out as well!

The Experience

our impact on students


Would recommend to a friend

Enjoyed their classes

Learned new valuable skills

would take another class



robotics kits initative

We are currently having a fundraiser for an initiative in the summer to distribute Equal Access Robotics-made robotics kits to underprivileged students and with the help of our free classes, let them have the full experience of robotics that they otherwise likely might not have had.  If you could donate to the fundraiser on the Robotics Kits page today, we would greatly appreciate it!


How Can You Help?

If you would like to support our initiative, we have a GoFundMe for donations. We thank you in advance for your help. With your help, we will expand the reach of our organization, helping change more students' learning experiences


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through our email: or use the contact us page

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