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Intro to Machine Learning





About the Course

Led by student experts, you'll explore the core principles, algorithms, and applications of ML. Gain hands-on experience implementing models using popular tools, unraveling the power of neural networks. Whether aspiring to be a data scientist or harnessing ML's potential, this course equips you with the knowledge and skills to start your journey. Engage in discussions, tackle real-world projects, and master data analysis, prediction, and decision-making. Unleash your potential and open doors to endless possibilities with our 100% immersive Intro to ML workshop.

Concepts covered in this workshop:

  • How Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT work

  • Prompt tuning, Chain-of-thought, and how to harness LLMs with zero code.

  • Fine-tuning a LLM to a specific application

  • How you can create your own Large Language Model (sort of)

Your Instructor

Ramit Goyal

Ramit is a rising senior at the Harker School and is proficient in Java, Python, C++, and Swift. He is currently working on a prototype that requires both software and hardware development, that aims to help the blind by describing the surroundings to its user in natural language using AI.

Ramit Goyal
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