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College Application Writing





About the Course

College Applications are only getting more competitive. Learn from a panel of '23 students who are fresh out of the college application process and can give you the most relevant advice. Our panelists have been accepted into T10 Engineering schools and have even earned merit scholarships. Additionally, we'll provide you with examples of essays that worked, templates to help you organize your research and essays, and backed evidence for gaining a competitive edge in the admissions process. Join us and empower your college applications with a captivating narrative that showcases your STEM prowess and sets you apart from the competition.

Why our service:

We offer tangible materials such as example essays and organizational documents that normally only come with College Counseling Programs that cost thousands. We'll provide it to you for $50.

This will be the most valuable 2 hours of your summer. Our panelists will condense everything they've learned over the last 4+ years of highschool and college applications into one presentation speically curated for you.

Seats are filling up fast, so sign up!

But I already have a college counselor, why should I come to this workshop?

No matter how many students your counselor has advised, no one knows the college application more personally than students who have just finished the process. Plus, you can cross-validate the advice that we give you with the advice that your counselor has! And, our example essays and organizational templates can only benefit you.

I'm not a rising senior, is this workshop still relevant for me?

Yes, it's important to think about college before you become a senior so that you can prepare and not have any regrets during the application process. You'll learn what colleges look for, and what actually goes into the application so that you can prepare everything you need in advance.

Your Instructor

Johnathan Mo, Robert Zhang

Johnathan is a rising freshman at UMich and Harker alumni.

Johnathan Mo, Robert Zhang
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