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This 8-week course is designed for 4th - 7th graders with a one-hour long lesson every week. The class covers the fundamental skills in C++ like using variables of various datatypes, operators, loops, pointers etc. Students will also learn C++ specific concepts like structs, input/output streams, arrays, strings. An introduction to object-oriented programming will be provided with basic understanding of classes, member functions, objects and their access specifiers. This is only a portion of what will be covered in the syllabus.

Course Dates: TBD 

(1 meeting per week)


Coming Soon!

Meet Your Instructors

Robert Zhang

Java Instructor


Robert is currently a sophomore at The Harker School in San Jose. Aside from his academic pursuits in computer science, physics, and music, Robert loves photography and videography, and is getting into video editing more too. His first coding language learned was Scratch, and eventually progressed to Python, Java, and learned some HTML over the summer as well.  

Johnathan Mo

Java Instructor


Johnathan is a sophomore at the Harker School. Outside of school, he enjoys video editing and cinematography. He also participates in FTC robotics as part of the software team. Over the summer he has taken several classes in Chemistry and Programming

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