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Robotics Kits

This initiative will involve members of the non-profit distributing robotics kits on a lending basis for students to work with and develop. During the pandemic of COVID-19, this initiative can only be done virtually, but if the legal restrictions allow us to when the initiative is officially launched, we will contact schools and publicly distribute kits to any student interested and is willing to learn with our guidance in the virtual classes provided with the distribution of our kits.


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Meet the Coordinators

Johnathan Mo



Johnathan is a sophomore at the Harker School. Outside of school, he enjoys video editing and cinematography. He also participates in FTC robotics as part of the software team. Over the summer he has taken several classes in Chemistry and Programming

Robert Zhang



Robert is currently a sophomore at The Harker School in San Jose. Aside from his academic pursuits in computer science, physics, and music, Robert loves photography and videography, and is getting into video editing more too. His first coding language learned was Scratch, and eventually progressed to Python, Java, and learned some HTML over the summer as well.  

Grant Sims



Grant is currently a sophomore at The Harker School. He enjoys machine learning, rocketry, robotics, and video editing. He is also the build lead for his robotics team and is extremely capable in both CAD and coding. He is fluent in Java and is extremely proficient in both Python and C++. 

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