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Virtual CAD Lessons With Onshape

This course has already started and we are currently not accepting signups. If you would like to participate in the next cycle of this class, the next cycle class date will be released soon! If you would like to participate in the Intermediate CAD or Coding Class, they will begin March 6th, and you can signup in the class tab for the course. Thank you!


This 8-week course is tailored towards 4th - 8th graders and consists of a one-hour long lesson every week. The class covers the basics of 3D design in Onshape starting from 2D sketches all the way up to moving 3D assemblies. No prior experience is necessary.

Course Date: January 31st - March 21st


Week 1: Basics, Site Navigation, and Tool Familiarity


Week 2: Basic 2D model sketches and designs


Week 3: Intermediate Sketches and designs

Week 4: Multi-Part Part Studios

Week 5: Assemblies and Basic Mate Systems


Week 6: Advanced Mate Systems

Week 7: Project work and Real World Problem Solving involving CAD

Week 8: Project Presentations

Meet the Instructors

Ritam M


EAR logo v1.jpg

Ritam is currently the hardware lead for FTC Team 4717 Mechromancers from Florida. He is proficient in Onshape and Java. with multiple years of exprience. He enjoys doing USACO and CodeForce coding competitions in his down time.  He has designed several robots in Onshape and loves using it as a tool not only for robotics, but for creating random trinkets to tinker with as well.

Grant Sims

Teaching Lead


Grant is currently a sophomore at The Harker School. He enjoys machine learning, rocketry, robotics, and video editing. He is also the build lead for his robotics team and is extremely capable in both CAD and coding. He is fluent in Java and is extremely proficient in both Python and C++. 

Johnathan Mo



Johnathan is a sophomore at the Harker School. Outside of school, he enjoys video editing and cinematography. He also participates in FTC robotics as part of the software team. Over the summer he has taken several classes in Chemistry and Programming

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