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Coding Competitions

c++ (usaco bronze-platinum, codeforces)

lessons By REservation

This Comp. The purpose of this course is to use already existing knowledge to look at problems and figure out their solutions. Every week, we will solve as many problems as possible in class (and some problems will be assigned for homework), but there will not be a specific topic for the class. This is meant to simulate a real competitive programming environment where you are given a problem and have to figure out where to start and what to use to solve it. This skill is very important in problem-solving throughout life, as you are not usually given guidelines and a step-by-step tutorial about how to solve a specific problem. You are supposed to come up with a solution from scratch.

If you have not taken the Coding Competitions course and would like to take this course, taking the diagnostics test is required. The purpose of this test is to see how much knowledge you have and if you need or do not need to take the other class in order to succeed in this class.​The response you get back from staff is only a recommendation, but we still advise that you follow that recommendation.

Note: Intermediate to Advanced Coding Experience in C++ or Java is recommended.


bobby costin

Coding Competitions Teacher
(Python, C++)

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